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What is GW0742

It is rumored that the only reason why GW0742 was developed in the first place was to extend the patent GlaxoSmithKline has on Cardarine. When we look at the chemical structure of GW0742, we can see that there is only a small difference in one atom between the two compounds. This tells us that GW0742 might not be that much different from Cardarine and that their effects may in fact be similar.


How Does It Work?

GW0742 works just like any PPAR delta agonist out there. It basically has two jobs: Turning fat into an energy source and increasing the oxidative capacity of our muscles. This means that GW0742 should technically be amazing when it comes to increasing endurance in athletes.

However, no studies, not even on rats have been done to find out the link between GW0742 and endurance. GW0742 also improves insulin sensitivity which should lower the occurrence of type II diabetes. This has been proven on rats by the following study. Sadly, as of now, no human trials exist with GW0742. The compound is still new, so we can expect a lot more human trials in the future.


GW0742 Legal Status

GW0742 has not been included in the list of banned compounds. It is briefly mentioned in the ‘sentencing’ of Cardarine as a Schedule 9 compound, but a separate listing doesn’t exist on GW0742.

It is labeled as a research chemical by those who sell it and in time, we can expect the TGA to add GW0742 to their list of banned substances. For now, you can buy it anywhere in the world, but exclusively for research purposes.


GW0742 Benefits

Lowers Total Cholesterol – A study performed on rats has shown that GW0742 has the ability to reverse cholesterol transport. That cholesterol eventually ends up in our gastrointestinal tract and gets expelled when we go do our big business.

Reduces Inflammation In The Gut – There are many people out there suffering from inflammation in the gut and some help would surely be lifesaving. Research confirms that GW0742 successfully contributes to the decrease in inflammation in the gut.

Improves Lipid Profile – Just like Cardarine, GW0742 has shown that even when administered in small dosages, it successfully enhances lipid metabolism in the heart. This means that your lipid profile will look a lot better while taking GW0742, as it will handle triglycerides much easier from now on.


Side Effects of GW0742 SARM

While the benefits of GW0742 SARM seem very substantial, the drug also comes with a pretty significant downside. It’s also important to realize that, because no human testing has been conducted, the full range of side effects is uncertain.

The only known side effect is that GW0742 can increase the size of your heart by activating calcineurin. While some publications claim that this is only the case with high doses and frequent use, the fact is that laboratory mice given very low doses developed enlarged hearts in just 12 hours.

Note that because this drug has never been tested on humans, it is unclear what other side effects it might cause.


How Does GW0742 Work?

The operation of GW0742 SARM in the body is not clear due to a complete lack of human testing. However, it is thought that it acts similarly to Cardarine, which has seen more extensive animal testing, but no human testing. Both drugs are considered investigatory only and are not approved for use in humans.

If GW0742 SARM works similarly to Cardarine, it improves the gene expression that stimulates fat metabolism within the body. This allows it to accelerate fat loss and means that your cutting efforts will yield much more significant results. It can allow bodybuilders to achieve the ripped physique they want, with better vascularity and much more defined musculature.


How To Use GW0742?

There are no official dosing amounts or schedules.

Most bodybuilders take 10mg per day and cycle for eight weeks or less.  It is unclear if the same will happen in humans. Once the cycle is done, you should follow that with post-cycle therapy to reset your body once more.

It’s important to visit your doctor to determine if your heart has been affected.



Is GW0742 SARM the right option for your bodybuilding needs?

It does seem to promise incredible fat-burning benefits and the ability to create the ripped physique that you want. It also may provide additional benefits, such as better insulin control and perhaps blood pressure reduction.

However, the primary side effect (an enlarged heart) cannot be ignored. For many people, this will be enough to completely dissuade them from ever trying the drug, and rightly so. If the risk is worth it to you, this drug might be what you need to achieve the physical condition that you’re after.

It is prohibited for use by athletes at any level in most countries around the world. This can result in a years-long ban from your sport.


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