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Retatrutide 5mg


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What is Retatrutide?

Retatrutide is an experimental drug for obesity developed by American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company. It is a triple hormone receptor agonist of GLP-1, GIP, and GCGR receptors.

Is Retatrutide the same as Semaglutide (Ozempic)?

Retatrutide and Semaglutide (Ozempic) are different drugs with different chemical compositions. Retatrutide mimics three hormones to support weight loss and blood sugar levels, Semaglutide only mimics one.


What is the average weight loss expectancy on Retatrutide?

In a multi-center trial with 72 individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, weekly subcutaneous injections of 12-mg retatrutide led to a remarkable average weight loss of 8.96 kg (nearly 10%).

How quick is weight loss with Retatrutide and how often is it administered?

According to the search results, retatrutide was administered as a weekly subcutaneous injection. The weight loss was rapid, with participants in the 12mg dose group achieving an average weight reduction of around 18% (approximately 41 lbs or 18.7 kg) by 24 weeks. At 48 weeks, the average weight loss in this group was about 24% (around 58 lbs or 26.2 kg). So in summary, retatrutide led to substantial and rapid weight loss when given as a weekly 12mg subcutaneous injection, with around 18% weight loss by 24 weeks and 24% by 48 weeks on average.

What are the results from a dose of only 1mg administered weekly?

With a 1mg weekly subcutaneous injection of retatrutide, participants achieved an average weight loss of approximately 8.96 kg (around 19.7 lbs) over the 48-week study period. This more modest 1mg dose led to a slower rate of weight loss compared to the higher 12mg dose. By week 24, the average weight reduction was around 4.5% of baseline body weight in the 1mg group. So in summary, a 1mg weekly subcutaneous injection of retatrutide resulted in an average weight loss of about 19.7 lbs (8.96 kg) over 48 weeks, with around 4.5% total body weight lost by 24 weeks.

What if I was to administer  only one 12mg dose for 1 week only?

According to the study they did not evaluate the effects of a single 12mg dose of retatrutide administered for only 1 week. The key findings were:

  • Retatrutide was administered as a weekly subcutaneous injection over 48 weeks.
  • In the 12mg dose group, participants achieved an average weight loss of 24.2% (around 58 lbs or 26.2 kg) after 48 weeks of weekly injections.
  • By 24 weeks, the 12mg group had lost around 17.5% of their baseline weight on average.

The study did not report the weight loss from a single 12mg dose given for just 1 week. The significant weight loss of 24.2% at 48 weeks was the cumulative effect of taking the 12mg weekly dose over the entire 48-week study duration. A one-time 12mg dose would likely have a much smaller short-term effect on weight.

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