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TB-500 5mg


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TB-500 is precisely what you need to repair and restore your body. The synthetic peptide is designed to replicate a naturally occurring protein known as Thymosin Beta-4 (TB4). Thymosin Beta-4 is found in all humans and mammals and serves many important functions. Research shows that TB4 is capable of healing a variety of autoimmune diseases, infections, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Additionally, TB-500 reduces inflammation, promotes cellular development, and improves blood circulation. The peptide offers a wide range of healing properties due to how it regulates actin. Actin functions as a cell-building protein that is essential to repairing tissue and recovering from injuries. The peptide assists people with recovering faster from an intense workout as well as from serious burns and wounds.

TB-500 can help with flexibility issues along with common aches, pain, and discomfort associated with aging. For this reason, the peptide repairs damaged tissue and stimulates new muscle growth. As a result, TB-500 has emerged as one of the best peptides for aging and recovering from injuries.

Benefits of Using TB-500

There are numerous health benefits to consider with TB-500.

In fact, the advantages greatly outweigh any disadvantages, especially concerning healing and recovery. TB-500 is one of the best peptides for rapid healing and recovery from serious injuries, wounds, and burns. The peptide replicates the effects of Thymosin Beta-4 (TB4) which is crucial to many different biological and hormonal processes.

These include the ability to influence cellular production, blood vessel development, cellular differentiation, and cellular migration. As a result, men and women can appreciate the many healing and anti-aging benefits of TB-500.

Currently, the top benefits of using TB-500 include:

  • Muscle Growth
  • Fast Recovery Post-Workout
  • Quick Healing (Wounds, Burns, Injuries)
  • Cellular Development
  • Blood Vessel / Blood Cell Production
  • Reduced Inflammation / Swelling
  • Fewer Body Aches, Pain, & Discomfort
  • Anti-Aging Benefits

TB-500 focuses on cellular activity to promote healing and new growth. The peptide reduces swelling in muscles, joints, and ligaments. Additionally, TB-500 rapidly heals wounds and prevents damaged tissue from scarring. Therefore, men and women experience fewer body aches, pain, and discomfort associated with aging.

TB-500 regenerates blood cells and promotes cellular migration leading to the development of new lean muscle and improved muscle mass. Moreover, the peptide offers a quick burst of energy and endurance which allows you to hit the gym harder and for longer periods.

Accordingly, it can also help provide a boost to athletic performance and assist with the daily grind of life. Consequently, individuals spend less time on the sideline and more time in the gym refining their bodies. These benefits are welcomed by people of all ages, especially older adults who generally take longer to heal and recover post-workout.


How does TB-500 work?

TB-500 is a synthetic variation of Thymosin Beta-4 (TB4). It was engineered in a lab to mimic many of the effects of TB4 when a deficiency is present. TB-500 is part of a larger family of 16 related molecules that present high conservation of sequence and localization in most cells and tissues. As such, the peptide is designed to bind to actin – a naturally occurring healing protein found in all mammals.

Actin serves many important functions including repairing damaged tissue and promoting new muscle growth. More importantly, actin is present in nearly 10% of the total proteins meaning it has far reach inside the body. Consequently, it’s possible to experience many different health benefits (see, below) using TB-500. The peptide has been found to promote new growth and various forms of repair and healing because of how it influences cells and blood vessels. It promotes cellular migration through a specific interaction with actin in the cytoskeleton. Thymosin Beta-4 is present in the fluid of wounds representing a naturally occurring healing aid.6

For this reason, most men and women recover faster from critical injuries, including burns and major cuts. The initial research (more information, below) is very promising concerning the various benefits of TB-500. However, like most peptides, the substance is not currently regulated by the FDA and has yet to receive approval as a type of treatment.

Until then, the peptide remains designated for research purposes and experimental use.

How to use TB-500?

There are various methods and suggestions for using TB-500. First, it depends on if you plan to use the substance to directly treat a wound or injury, or if you are taking the peptide as a daily supplement. Secondly, the appropriate use and dosage (see, below) are dependent on the nature of the injury and how long it might take to resolve the problem. Third, those seeking to use TB-500 each day may desire to build lean muscle and improve muscle mass (especially when combined with BPC-157). For this reason, the methods and approaches they use may be different from others who want to heal from injuries / wounds.

In general, people react differently to the peptide where some notice almost immediate results while it takes longer for others to notice a difference. TB-500 is available for sale in various forms including powder, liquid, capsules, and tablets. Generally, intramuscular or subcutaneous injections are the preferred method because they offer rapid absorption and quick results. Those using injections need to exercise some additional caution while preparing the powder form. The powder form must be mixed with bacteriostatic water to prevent any future health implications.

It’s not necessary to inject TB-500 directly at the site of the injury.

Rather, the peptide can be administered anywhere practical for intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. TB-500 capsules and tablets are available for sale but do not absorb as quickly into the bloodstream. It’s suggested that the peptide be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

What Dosage to Use

Unfortunately, a standard dosage for TB-500 does not exist. The problem is the peptide has not yet been approved or regulated by the FDA. Therefore, those seeking to use TB-500 to heal and recover from injuries must reference alternative sources.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of satisfied customer reviews and personal testimonials that promote the use of the peptide. In general, most experts suggest sticking to a guideline between 5 – 20mg per week. The amount of the dosage varies on several factors including age, gender, weight, and health condition. People recovering from wounds and injuries generally stick to a small dosage (2 – 5mg per week).

Meanwhile, bodybuilders and those seeking to maximize muscle growth usually aim for a higher dosage (5 – 20mg).

Regardless, users shouldn’t exceed a cycle of 1 – 2 months.

There are various methods for using TB-500, including the “loading phase” method which utilizes a high dosage during the first few weeks before reducing. New users should never attempt to take high levels even if they are desperate for a solution. Unfortunately, doing so may cause unwanted side effects and potential long-term health risks. Instead, beginning with a lower dosage allows new users to monitor how the body reacts to the substance.

Finally, the correct dosage of TB-500 changes when the peptide is combined with other supplements in a weight stack.

TB-500 is often paired with other peptides and SARMs, including BPC-157, to achieve maximum results.


What are the side effects of TB-500?

TB-500 does not appear to produce any serious or long-term side effects when used properly.

Often, most reports of side effects stem from misuse or direct abuse of the product. In general, TB-500 is well tolerated and does not appear to pose the same health risks as other performance-enhancing supplements. The peptide is deemed much safer compared to anabolic steroids and does not feature the same side effects.

Notwithstanding, users should be aware of the following:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Pain & Discomfort

These symptoms are usually mild and become less significant after extended use. Still, users who experience any unwanted side effects should discontinue use immediately. In rare circumstances, the peptide has been shown to produce flu-like symptoms. These may or may not be associated with misuse since a universal dosage guideline does not exist. Also, flu-like symptoms are sometimes present with new users.

For this reason, new users should stick with a lower dosage and monitor side effects before upgrading to a higher dosage. Lastly, it never hurts to speak to a trusted physician before starting any new supplement. It’s impossible to predict how the peptide may react with every single medication and pre existing condition. Consequently, speak with a physician if any doubts or concerns exist.



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